Saturday, August 22, 2020

In Memoriam. Trish Barrigan

Trish Barrigan and husband Ian

I heard the news today that Trish Barrigan died…another of our industry friends who has had cancer take them from us way, way too soon. 
While knowing her Benson Elliot partner Marc Mogull for many years Liz and I got to know Trish in 2017.  As a co-founder of WiRE (Women in Real Estate) her passion about helping women in the industry grow and reach their full potential was evidenced in her support of the Women’s Leadership Workshop we ran in London.  She offered to spread the word to the WiRE community and donated Benson Elliot’s conference room for the event. 
Immediately from the beginning of our interaction with Trish we experienced her passion, enthusiasm and professionalism.  She was a straight shooter. 
Liz and I learned about Trish’s death early this morning while playing a paddle ball game called Kadima in Riverside Park in New York City. Given her athletic abilities, even though Kadima is more of a fun than serious game, we feel she would have enjoyed joining us in a round.
It is my belief that we are known and remembered for how we helped others.  Trish certainly has touched many people’s lives. I’m including below excerpts from some of the postings I found about Trish.
Liz and I send our heartfelt condolences to her husband Ian and their children Jack and Grace, her partner Marc, all her Benson Elliot colleagues and industry friends. 
Allow me to share with you some wonderful testimonials to Trish:

Marc Mogull, who with Trish co-founded Benson Elliot said: “Today we lost a colleague, a leader and a dear, dear friend. We lost a champion for women in our industry, a mentor for many in our company and an inspirational figure for all. We lost someone who, more than anyone, can claim credit for building the great organization – the great family – that is Benson Elliot. For my part, I’ve lost one of my best friends.”

 “Trish has been at my side since the day Benson Elliot was first an idea, let alone an entity. Her talent was obvious to all who worked with her, both inside and outside the company.”

“What was only appreciated by those closest to her, though, was her humanity, her team spirit, her concern for each and every individual in our organization and her joy at watching her Benson Elliot family grow up alongside her family at home.

She leaves a legacy which we intend to honor suitably.”
Comments posted about Trish:

  • “she helped, inspired, led, trail-blazed and amused.’
  • “Trish always made me laugh.  Her smile beamed across a room and her eyes were always filled with energy…Trish has helped so many people in their careers and always offered support to friends.”
  • “…a terrific role model to all and a fantastic and committed advocate for women in real estate.”
  • “…a lovely and dynamic lady…she was always there for everyone”
  • “extremely driven and strong in a very tough industry.”
  • “had an energy of an enormous volcano – she would light up any room with her infectious laugh, huge smile and kindness.  She inspired all of us to be kinder, better, fitter, nicer and so much more.”
  • “we lost a real legend, someone I always saw as my role model.”
  • “I’ve worked with Trish for the last eight years.  You couldn’t work for her, you could only work WITH her.  With her great empathy for the people around and true respect for the achievements of others, she was not only a team player but a team leader in the best sense.”
  • “Dear Trish.  In the 25 years of my professional career, I have met a handful of people who have really inspired me.  You were one of them and you are already missed. We will not forget you.”
  • “My memories of you are always filled with laughter and smiles and fun!! Your zest for life and challenges will always be a source of wonder for me.”
  • “Trish was a person who lit up rooms, inspired you to misbehave (but in a good way, she always made me want to stay out longer than I should), inspired you to do better and made everything, everything just a little bit more fun.”
  • “…many people note how Trish was a mentor and a role model for women in the real estate industry, and she was undoubtedly that. But she was so much more than that. She was a mentor and role model to so many people of all genders, myself included. There is a large contingent of professionals in the market today that have benefited greatly from Trish’s training and mentoring.”
  • “She was so positive, passionate, smart, beautiful and encouraging. She was one of the good ones who really cared about people and not just about career and money like so many others. She was truly happy when someone excelled and such an inspiration in every way.  Boy, and could she party!”

Here's a link to my song 'Goodbye Old Friend' - dedicated to those people in my life who have been taken far too soon.


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