Thursday, April 25, 2019

Musical Fundraiser for people with ALS

I've just released a 6 original song album as a fund-raiser for MAC Angels Foundation - an organization which provides services and programs to enhance the quality of life for individuals, family members and caregivers who are impacted daily by ALS.

I titled the album “Shoot for the Moon” in part because I felt that that phrase represented some of what MAC Angels Foundation stands for – helping the families with someone living with ALS to “Shoot for the Moon” and live their life to the fullest.

Performing on the album are 3 real estate industry friends:  Beth Thomas (Bain Capital), Fred Gortner (Paladin Realty Partners) and Ken Munkacy (Kingbird Properties).  Didn't know these folks were so talented?  Please by the album download to hear for yourself!

I covered all expenses in recording the album and 100% of the proceeds go to MAC Angels Foundation.

The donation is $60 (or more if you feel so inclined). 
Here's where you can buy the album.

Both MAC Angels and I greatly appreciate your support.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

CRE Women's Leadership / Moderator & Panelist Coaching Workshops - NYC - May 2 & 3

CRE Women's Leadership / Moderator & Panelist Coaching Workshops - NYC - May 2 & 3

Liz and I are pleased to let you know that this month begins our 7th year as Felix / Weiner Consulting Group!
Wow, time flies, doesn’t it?

In June 2014, we were proud to be ahead of the curve when we launched our Women’s Leadership Workshops for the ‘male-dominated’ commercial real estate industry. Hundreds of women - from more than 100 industry firms - at all levels in their career - have attended our 40+ workshops across the U.S. and in London.

Today, I’m writing to tell you about two professional development workshops in NYC during the first week of May – exclusively for women in the commercial / institutional real estate community.

We thought your colleagues and / or industry friends might be interested in one or both of these workshops and would greatly appreciate you sharing this information.

Help women in our male-dominated industry develop and enhance their professional presence.
12:30-4:30pm immediately followed by wine & cheese networking
Coaching women to better present themselves and effectively represent their firms during panel opportunities at industry events - we want to see more women on stage and not just in the audience!
Both workshops are highly interactive and offer participants the valuable opportunity to expand their network with other women in the industry.

Please click here to learn more and register.

Thanks for your support of our women’s professional development workshops!

Liz & I greatly appreciate it!


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