Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On the Road with Kid Patience

My uncle had a nickname for me when I was very small. "Kid Patience." Now this is not as picturesque a nickname as Kid Gallavin (the boxer), "The Comeback Kid" (John Elway) or even "Kid Rock." But it definitely fit me then and for many years, given that Type A personality shows itself very early on, it was totally appropriate. But with a lot of hard work (which continues), I have discovered the importance of patience and the ability to engage patience in decision making. The tools that Type A rehabilitation offers are healthy ones, designed to help you avoid having a heart attack. But it's not easy to fight off those Type A demons that are trying to drag you into the whirlpool of time urgency, free-floating hostility and the like. Certain events in our lives suggest that action be taken. And most of the time, those instincts are probably right-it's just the 'when and what' that are key to the right decision on action. As the end of the year that most people want to forget rapidly approaches and people start thinking about their plans and goals for next year (I may have told you at some point that this idea of writing down one's goals really makes a difference) perhaps some of us are thinking about what changes we may want to see in our lives, whether it be work related, relationship related, money related, project related or dream related. But take it from "Kid Patience", the brilliant person who coined the phrase "Patience is a virtue" was 'dead-on balls accurate' (I watched part of "My Cousin Vinny" again last night) and "All we need is a little patience' (Guns 'n Roses) when considering important things in our lives.

Last night I attended the only holiday party that I get invited to hosted by Real Capital Analytics. It's really a great cross-section of the commercial real estate community. I got a chance to have some really good talks with JC Goldenstein (, Marty Nass (CT Partners), Ed LaGrassa (Chilton Capital Management), Zoe Hughes (Private Equity Real Estate), Patric Dolan (Reed Midem), Susan Kane (RCA), . I was also introduced to the fellow who is heading up Bloomberg Real Estate (but he didn't have a business card). This is a great time of year and it's like an annual reunion of sorts. Quite a few folks mentioned how sorry they were to hear that my Dad had died and that they had been following that situation through this column. I don't think I've really grasped the enormity of no longer having any parents alive and that I am now the elder statesman of our family. But from what many of you have told me, it takes time (and patience) to get through this type of traumatic event. So thanks again to all of you for your support and good wishes. I appreciate you all very much.

Howard Forman is a friend in Montreal who I have known for the better part of a long time. He is a truly accomplished musician who spent a number of years in the shadows of the hit making machine in Muscle Shoals, Alabama as a highly sought after guitarist sideman. Howard's band, "The Groove Kings" has had some commercial success, particularly in Canada but their recently released CD, "Blood Red" is a 'killer.' Here's the haunting title track, "Blood Red." But the album as a whole is truly worth your time and support (and let's not forget to share this link with others who you know love music).

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