Sunday, February 26, 2017

More sad news...Alice Connell / Steve Bronner

A band, with the improbable name of Thunderclap Newman had one hit:  Something in the Air.  While it was about the revolution we were planning in the late sixties, I thought of the title before sitting down to write this.

There is too much of the following news happening.  Could there be ‘Something in the Air?’

Alice Connell
Alice Connell died early Friday morning. 

Following are from an email string I became part of earlier today.

She had brain cancer, and unfortunately, after treatment, she had seizures that could not be controlled.  
From a friend and co-member of a ULI council:

Alice Connell passed away on Friday.  She was a wonderful member of our ULI council, a leader in the industry and an inspiration to so many of us.  Over the years, Alice wrote me a number of handwritten notes and I saved so many of them, because they embodied her; each note was a gift in itself since she was so elegant with the spoken and written word.  I will miss her terribly.  May our memories of her wit, intelligence and humor be a comfort in this time of loss.

Hug the ones you love
Here are some postings from

My deepest sympathy to the family of Alice Connell Giancola. She was a great leader and friend at TIAA-Mortgage and Real Estate who will be missed. May she rest in peace.
I worked with Alice at TIAA. She was a wonderful woman, kind, funny and smart. She set a great example for women in the workplace. She will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Alice.
Loved and admired by everyone who knew her or worked with her, Alice set an example for us all – not only for what she did or her insights and intelligence but for how she walked through the world with energy, integrity, wisdom, kindness, a zestful smile, compelling warmth and respect for all. A beautiful person – to be missed by all and forever remembered by so many.
And a few words from me…
I met Alice many years ago and she became a good industry friend.  When Liz and I started our business, we spent several hours with Alice and her partner Kathleen Nelson  - talking about what they were doing, talking about what we were doing and how we might help each other.  Alice was the real deal; a straight-shooter – to me, that’s all you can ask for in a person.  I had written to her over the past few months but didn’t hear back…not like Alice.  Now I know why.  I was so sad when I got this news this morning.


Steve Bronner
I only learned a few days ago that Steve Bronner died on February 9, 2017.  For 12 years he was the Southwest Regional Partner for Parmenter Associates.  I can vividly remember the first time I met Steve, in the Miami offices of Parmenter.  He and Daryl Parmenter were picking my brain, “How do we get some of that there pension fund money?”  Well, maybe those weren’t the exact words, but that was the sentiment! 

Excerpt from a published obituary.
“…Steve lived life to the fullest, loved his wife and children, loved them hard and loved real estate; his gift for deal structuring was unmatched.  All that kew him considered him honest, kind and thoughtful and a person who always chose to see the best in people. …If asked to lend a hand, an ear or his heart, he would simply ask, “When and where.”

Steve and I knew each other for many years.  He and I used to sit together at some of the NAREIM meetings and talk the whole time…about real estate, about people, about life.  As a mutual friend eloquently put it, “He was a good guy.”  Not a bad epitaph, eh?

He had a valve replacement and from what I am told did not fully recover. 

On behalf of the real estate industry that Alice and Steve were part of our condolences to their families.

I am almost speechless.

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