Friday, April 30, 2010

One for the road

There have been a lot of people announcements lately, particularly at the lofty levels of the industry.  Some of them are the result of people unhappy with internal restructuring.  Others seem to be opportunistic in nature.  But my thoughts on all of these is that people are situating themselves for the next big thing which I'm hearing suggested will not happen in 2010 but rather in 2011.  That could be a strategy, a company or just someplace that they think they'd be happier.  Of course, when you're in demand, you have a stronger negotiating position but as you would like to believe is always the case, companies need to find people who not only have the right experience but are also respected in the industry and fit in culturally.  I think this last item may be the most challenging in making a decision about hiring someone.  After all, don't you agree that you don't really know someone until you live with them?

Still on the job subject.  On a regular basis, I talk with people who are looking for jobs.  Some of them are already employed with two-five years experience and looking to step up (or over as the case may be).  Others are recent graduates who are finding it difficult to get their foot in the door.  As it seems that there aren't really any firms that are 'employee advocates' may I suggest that you contact me if you're looking for someone.  I have a pretty good track record of connecting people that end up getting hired and while I don't perform all the services of a professional recruiter I think I have a pretty good feel about people and I have a  pretty good network....(P.S. my help is free!)

Tomorrow would have been my father's 93rd birthday.  I remember, as he got older, when I'd see or talk with him and I'd ask him, "How are you doing?" many times his response would be, "Well, I'm still here."  And I'd tell him that he's going to be around for a long time.  And, compared to others, he was.  But as many of you have experienced (and shared with me) the process of letting go takes time.  It's sort of like maybe he has been on an around the world cruise and hasn't had time to write or call and that one of these days he'll be back and tell me all about it.  And maybe that is the journey he's on; maybe he's experiencing things that he always wanted to but didn't have the time or money to do them.

And that brings me to my last thought this week:  There are some things that come up in our lives that are once in a lifetime.  I'm not talking about the big things but rather the small things.  The ones where you say to yourself, "I'll do that if i have the time" or "I'll visit that friend of mine who is very sick next week" or "Well, this won't be the only time I'll get to do that."  But, you know what, sometimes it is the only chance you'll have.  Sometimes that friend won't be around next week and you'll say, "What was more important than taking some time to just do it?"  So, I guess what I'm thinking about is about priorities and making decisions about what is important because sometimes it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, for real.

On the road....
May 7-16:  California
May 17-18:  Midwest
May 20-24:  My brother and I take on NY
July 13-15:  NMS Conference at The Montage

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