Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tomorrow never knows, The U.S. Open, Fire Island

Thank you for the congratulations and good wishes on the early success of our Behavioral Presentation Coaching business.  It means a lot!

Tomorrow never knows 

We often plan our ‘tomorrows’ and then wake up in the morning and follow that plan. But there’s no telling what may happen ‘tomorrow’ that could change our lives. 

Even when heading out the door to go to the same place and job that we’ve been going to for years, a magical moment may be waiting for us right around the bend.  So how do you know???  The simple answer is – you don’t.  If you’re open to what the Universe has in store for you, then you know it’s always possible … 

I believe these are not chance happenings…they are part of the master plan.  As stated in this excerpt from The Holstee Manifesto:
"Some opportunities come only once, seize them.  Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating."
When the Universe conspires to give you the chance to seize an opportunity – just do it!  We probably all look back from time to time and say to ourselves, “shoulda, coulda, woulda,” and goodness knows I have my share of these moments.  But it’s a great feeling to ‘go for it’ when we have the chance and it’s right in front of us, within our grasp.  

The U.S. Open

This week, the U.S. Open Tennis tournament began in Flushing Meadow, New York. On Friday, some friends and I watched a day of qualifying matches - players who were competing to be in the main tournament draw.  We had a great day, saw lots of inspired tennis and couldn't wait until the next time we got on the court ourselves.

In the matches where an American was playing, even an unknown player, the New York crowd rooted for them.  The beauty of a global sport being played in NYC is the diversity of the audience. Players from different parts of the world all found local support in the stands.

Every match on Friday was singles. The players are out there – on the courts, on their own – trying to get to the big show.  It can be a lonely game; the competitors are alone, with just their racquet, skill set, and mind.  The difference between winning and losing can often be attributed to the mental game. Internal chatter can sometimes make or break the match.

Players do have supporters - family, coaches, friends - in the stands to turn to from time to time for encouragement.  We all need that to lift our spirits when we’re down ‘Love-40’ in the crucial game. People to cheer us on with a smile, a fist pump, or simply a nod.  These moments of connection can help get someone out of their own way.

I’ll be watching the U.S. Open looking for these players that we saw making their way through the tournament.  And, having observed their battle last week, I’ll be rooting for them too!

The U.S. Open runs from August 26-September 9: Here’s the link (  

Fire Island

Last week I was invited to Fire Island, a barrier island located off the south shore of New York’s Long Island. Taking the ferry to my destination made the short get-away seem like a real vacation.

Fire Island has been a well-known ‘summer share’ location with singles and groups, many unrelated, renting a house together and enjoying the summer beach environment.

As you might imagine, Fire Island suffered serious damage in last fall’s Hurricane Sandy.  Seeing building sites where houses once stood was difficult.  But many folks, like me, just get a glimpse of the devastation and are not living the experience on a daily basis.  Noticing boarded-up residences and commercial buildings with lots of construction going on was a vivid reminder.   The recovery and rebuilding efforts will still take years to complete.  Oh, the power of Mother Nature.

Allowing myself to shift perspectives, while standing on the sand and looking out at the ocean, it’s as if nothing had changed. The beach itself was gorgeous.

We swam, played Kadima and a little beach volleyball.  A new group approached the court after we were all warmed up. I immediately thought, ‘Gee, here come some real players intent on kicking our butts!!’  We accepted their challenge and quickly discovered they were not the hotshots they resembled but rather people playing on par with us who were just looking for some fun and friendly competition (btw, we won the best two out of three games!).

It’s funny sometimes, how the mind works.  At one moment, this new group looked like a bunch of ‘ringers’, perhaps having played competitive volleyball in college.  In life, our imagination can run wild when we let it.  Living in the moment, it’s nice when we’re pleasantly surprised!

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend

Early Friday morning I’ll be on the road driving from New York to Asheville, NC to visit my son, his wife and their two sons. 

To all of you in the U.S., enjoy a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.


Jim Hime, CFO of USAA

On the Road…

Sept. 15 – 17:  NAREIM (National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers), Executive Officers Fall Meeting, New York, NY

Oct. 10 – 11:  Cornell Real Estate Annual Conference, New York, NY

Oct. 23 – 24:  PERE (Private Equity Real Estate) Summit:  New York 2013, New York, NY

Oct. 28 – 30:  PREA (Pension Real Estate Association) Annual Investor Real Estate Conference, Chicago, IL

Nov. 13 -15:  NCREIF (National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries), Fall Meeting, Miami Beach, FL

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