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New Year, New Website, New Workshops

New Year, New Website, New Workshops

Those of you who have launched a new website or worked on a website renovation may agree – it takes longer than you think.  However, I’m excited that we launched our new website on December 30 – meeting our deadline by one day. Here’s the link. If you’re so inclined would love your candid feedback / suggestions as we continue to build and expand the site.  Thanks.

Today Liz and I sent out an email blast announcing our Professional Development workshops for Jan / Feb 2017.  In addition to our Behavioral Presentation Coaching and Women’s Leadership Workshops we’ve added a new workshop:  Moderator and Panelist Coaching for those of you who participate in those roles at industry events and would like to learn the tricks of the trade from someone who is considered pretty good at it (That would be me!).

Please take a look at the On the Road section below for upcoming workshops, cities and dates. As always, feel free to pass this information along to other industry professionals who might be interested.

Tips on Networking
We’ve been asked several times lately to coach people on developing networking and relationship building skills.  Apropos, here’s a piece I published in this column in 2011.

Thanks to my friend, Tom, I offer you the following "Tips on Networking" previously published in the Wall Street Journal

·      Have a Solid Introduction: First impressions count heavily. Make sure your attire, attitude and overall appearance are the best possible before introducing yourself to someone.
·      Don't Confuse People with Your Pitch:  No one needs to hear your entire work history upon meeting you. If someone asks you to tell him or her a bit about yourself, your explanation from start to finish shouldn't take more than 30 to 60 seconds.
·      Don't Tell a Sob Story: No matter how tough it's been, you need to paint a positive picture when you're making new connections. Potential employers want people who project a good, can-do attitude, and who will be energetic and excited about the position not people who are just excited to have a job.
·      Spend More Time Listening Than Talking:  The old adage is true: People were given two ears and one mouth, and you should use them proportionately. Once you have truly understood what drives this person, then you can introduce yourself and tell your own stories in a way that best fits their specific needs.
·      Avoid Being Socially Inept: There's a fine line between being friendly and personable and being awkward. You do not want to be the latter.
·      Don't Overstay Your Welcome:  Taking up too much of someone's time is almost as bad as ignoring him or her entirely.
·      Hand out Your Business Card, Not Your Resume:  It's not ok to pass along an unsolicited resume. Offline or online, you need to work on forming a relationship with someone before you ask them for anything at all. Many people overlook this professional courtesy, and ask brand new connections to serve as a referral when submitting a resume or application.
·      Follow-Up and Follow-Through:  Perhaps the "Cardinal Rule" of networking is that once you've planted the seeds of a new relationship, you must follow up to maintain it. Whether it's a business referral, job lead, or a professional connection, get in touch – within 24 hours – to say you enjoyed meeting them.

So true although I've allowed myself 48 hours to follow up with everyone whose card I get at any event with a simple email.  At the same time I enter them in my contact database with a notation of when and where I met them and anything else that I learned (or that I can remember!).

Although it's not acceptable in many Asian countries, the first thing I do when I meet someone is keep their business card out in case I need to make a notation (which I generally do after we've shaken hands and gone our separate ways).

Oh, one more tip.  For those of you who are shy when attending an event and don’t feel comfortable approaching a group during the ‘networking / coffee break / cocktail time’ I suggest you start out by approaching someone who is standing by themselves (although not someone standing by themselves who is on their phone).  It’s easier to do that than trying to break into a conversation - and the individual you approach is often happy (sometimes noticeably relieved!) that they now are engaged in a dialogue. I have developed three long-time industry friendships by doing just that – one of them when attending an event years ago where no one was interested in talking with either the other person or me!


Jan. 9 – 13: Chicago

Jan. 16 - 20: Laguna Beach, CA
       Jan. 18: Conducting our 18th Women’s Leadership Workshop in     conjunction with the IMN Winter Forum on Real Estate Opportunity and Investing.  Click here for information and registration.
       Jan. 19 – 20:  Attending the IMN event

Jan. 21 - 25:  Los Angeles
Jan. 23:  Los Angeles to conduct our Behavioral Presentation Coaching Workshop.  Attendance is limited to 6 people.  Click here for information and registration

Jan. 24:  Los Angeles to conduct our 19th Women’s Leadership Workshop. Women from 87 different commercial real estate industry firms have already attended one of our workshops.  Click here for information and registration.

Jan. 26 - 29:  San Francisco
Jan. 26: San Francisco to conduct our 20th Women’s Leadership Workshop. Click here for information and registration.
Jan. 27: San Francisco to conduct our Behavioral Presentation Coaching Workshop.  Attendance is limited to 6 people.  Click here for information and registration

Jan. 27 - 29:  Napa, CA

Feb. 5 - 10: London, UK
       Feb. 8: Conducting our Behavioral Presentation Coaching Workshop.  Attendance is limited to 6 people.  Click here for information and registration
       Feb. 10: Conducting our 21st Women’s Leadership Workshop. Click here for information and registration.

Feb. 20 - 24: New York City

Feb. 21: NYC to conduct our Behavioral Presentation Coaching Workshop.  Attendance is limited to 6 people.  Click here for information and registration

Feb. 24: NYC to conduct our 22nd Women’s Leadership Workshop. Click here for information and registration.

Mar. 1 - 2: San Diego to attend the NAREIM Executive Officers Spring Meeting

Mar. 4 - 8: New York City

Mar. 9 - 11:  Dallas


A rare view:  NYC. View from Madison Avenue looking East. View of Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal for first time in a long time due to demolition of old buildings and new construction of One Vanderbilt a 1,400 foot, $3Bn office tower to come online in 2020!



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