Friday, April 5, 2013

The Viral World / Tennis to the Max / Too many ifs

The Viral World

During the first generation of commercial real estate websites, I offered a service called “Website Scorecard.”  I would click through a company’s website and ‘score’ each page with a 1, 2 or 3.  A rating of ‘1’ meant all was fine; the ‘2’ rating included a suggestion; and ‘3’ was given with the statement ‘fix this fast!’ 

With the Internet, it’s basically figuring out how to get people to navigate to your site.  At this stage there are lots of tools and gimmicks but it’s not really all that complicated; just post a music video that grabs people’s attention and the viral community will take care of everything else.  Case in point:  Taylor Swift’s YouTube video of ‘Back to December’ has had more than 40 million viewers!  Perhaps hard to fathom until you look at her song, ‘You Belong With Me’ with more than 230 million views!!  Clearly none of us in the commercial real estate industry needs to achieve that kind of traffic but there is a lesson here:  if you give people something they want, the word will spread. 

When you are thinking about your own website, it may be a good idea to step back and consider whether you’re giving a visitor a reason to contact you.  Are you offering something they want or need?  Are you providing a call to action? What is your website for?  If you’re not inviting your potential clients to reach out to you, then your website is basically providing information to your competitors.  Why would you want to do that?  I encourage you to take a look at your own information through the eyes of a potential client and make sure your website is meeting your needs.

Tennis to the Max

Tennis to the Max is a unique training program about much more than improving your tennis strokes.  In fact, that’s not the primary focus.  Tennis pro, Fred Sperber, and Sport Psychology Consultant, Tina Greenbaum, have teamed up to teach tennis players how to build confidence, trust themselves on the court and eliminate negative self-judgments. 

On approximately my 11th tennis comeback, I have benefited from this program.  What I have taken away are self-development tools that can work in all parts of my life.  For example, the concept of focusing on things you actually have influence over is making a big difference for me.
Tennis to the Max has reminded me that exerting energy on things I can’t control is futile.  I’m now focusing on areas in my control, such as how I toss the ball for my next serve and how I walk away from the last point.  If my opponent won that point, I can brush it off and focus on me and not them. But like all habit changes, it will take time.

I anticipate that this program will provide me with long-term benefits both on and off the court.  If you’re in the New York area you may want to check it out!

Poem of the Week

'Too many what ifs'
Written by James McInerney
What if you loved, or if you cared, or even dared?
What if your heart didn't start when you stared?
What if your mind couldn't stop thinking of me?
What if you knew it but you just couldn't see?
What if it happened then how would you feel?
What if the thoughts in your head became real?
What if you loved me if only the once?
And pictured the future being us?
What if I wrote this to remind you of me?
What if it worked?
Then where would we be?

On The Road…

Apr. 9 -10:  PERE (Private Equity Real Estate Magazine) Global Investor Forum, Los Angeles, CA 

May 29 – 30:  IMN (Information Management Network) U.S. Real Estate Opportunity Fund and Private Fund Investing Forum, New York, NY 

June 4 – 5:  PERE Summit (Private Equity Real Estate Magazine), London, UK 


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