Sunday, March 18, 2018

Commercial Real Estate Women on Board / NYC Workshops week of March 26

Felix / Weiner Commercial Real Estate Women on Board

The response to the launch of Felix / Weiner Women on Board has been wonderful.  Based on our interaction with hundreds of commercial real estate women via our Women’s Leadership Workshops, Liz and I decided to create a non-profit organization to help women in the global commercial real estate industry connect with firms seeking more diversity on their boards.

Women: to join, please send us your resume and a note about what you're interested in at

Companies: please contact us at describing the board opportunity you have so that we may connect you with candidates.  We welcome the opportunity of a phone chat with you to further understand your requirements.

Liz and I will update you on the events we have planned to bring the women of commercial real estate closer together.

We look forward to hearing from you

Liz & Steve

NYC Workshops week of March 26

March 27:  Women’s Leadership Workshop.  Highly interactive 4-hour session designed to help commercial real estate women develop more professional presence in this male-dominated industry.  Attendance limited to 16 women (14 seats still available). 

To learn more and register click here 

April 3: Behavioral Presentation Coaching Workshop.  Develop and improve your skills when presenting, conducting or participating in a meeting, etc.  This 4-hour workshop is limited to 6 participants.

To learn more and register please click here 

One of the fun team-building exercises in our
Behavioral Presentation Coaching Workshops


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