Friday, June 1, 2012

Glioblastoma takes our friend Deb

We lost our dear friend Deb to Glioblastoma on Monday.  She outlived the doctors' original prognosis by many months but we all knew all along that there is no hope of surviving this most aggressive of brain tumors known to man.  Even knowing that, the news was devastating and just so, so terribly sad.  Deb and I first met in summer camp when we were teenagers.  She was my brother Jay's first girlfriend.  We were out of contact for many years until a camp reunion in 2003 brought us all together again.  Coming from here adopted home in Guatemala she assembled us in a circle and gave out friendship bracelets that had been made by natives in that country.  Those of us who were there will always remember that special ceremony.  That bracelet remained on my wrist for almost a full year before it simply wore out.  It was at that reunion that Deb and my wife met and became instant friends.  A few years later, when Deb was in a soul-searching period her life (aren't we all from time to time?), they went on a Thelma & Louise road trip in the southwestern U.S.  The stories and photos of that trip are fantastic (even though I'm sure there are some adventures that they'd always kept between themselves!).  Some years back, Deb lived with us for a few months and at one point moved to Geneva where her writing talent landed her a great job with Rolex.  She had rediscovered herself and created a new life there.  Deb was a also a breast cancer survivor. She loved music.  She loved life.  She never said a bad thing about anyone.  She was 59.

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